If you were recently perusing Amazon, and stumbled across a t-shirt that says “crazy cat lady” with a picture of a cat wearing glasses, and you almost considered ordering it before your non-crazy cat lady brain took over and you asked yourself “where would I even wear that?” than this blog is for you!

You are probably like me; A animal loving, self-diagnosed “cat lady” who cares mostly about the well-being of your animals and occasionally enjoy humiliating them by putting a little hat or a beard on them, taking pictures (applying a filter of course), and posting them on Facebook for all the world to see. In my search high and low for the best animal “stuff”, I have come across some duds, and some real winners worth sharing with my fellow pet-loving friends.

My number one must-have item is well worth the $1.99 download from iTunes. The My Talking Pet App has provided me hours of entertainment as I bring photos of my pets to life and make them sing silly songs, deliver messages to my friends and family, and simply tell others what is on their minds. The app animates their mouths to make them look like they are talking, and even animates their eyes – hilarious! I can’t get enough of it!

I know your house doesn’t smell like animals, mine doesn’t either, but in case your friends are avoiding game night at your place you may want to consider a Pet Odor Eliminator Candle. When I first saw these candles I thought to myself, “that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, they are totally taking advantage of pet owners making them think this candle will solve the dog smell.”  Being the sucker I am, I bought one anyways.  Holy guacamole. They work! They actually use an amazing enzyme-based formula that attack and eliminate pet odors. They come in all types of smelly goodness. They are fantastic. You can take a smell-drive of different scents and even pick one up right here at Prior Lake Pet Hospital.

If you are having trouble getting a good picture of your pet to use on the My Talking Pet App, maybe you should download the Bark Cam App. I like this app for many reasons, one of which is that it is free! The app is designed to get your pets attention, cause them to perk their ears, tilt their heads, or whatever cute thing they do, to get the most adorably-perfect photos. When you press the button to take the picture you can select a noise like a door bell, a cat meowing, a squeak toy, you get the idea. Right after your phone makes some exciting noise, SNAP!  it takes a photo! Does it get any better? Yes, yes it does.  After you get the perfect photo of your pet, the app allows you to make it even more adorable by adding hats, mustaches, thought bubbles, all sorts of things!

Here are some gems I’ve created with the app:

This could quite possibly be the best cat toy ever. The Cat Dancer. You may look at this toy and feel perplexed as to why I would go so far as to say best cat today ever, but give it a try for yourself! It’s a piece of wire with cardboard at the end. That’s all. They run about $3.50, and your cat will never be happier. My cat will drag The Cat Dancer around the house until she finds someone to make it dance for her. Like I said, best toy ever. You can pick these up just about anywhere cat toys are sold.

If you have ever found yourself wondering around in the dark, trying to fetch that ball you just tossed for Fido, because even he can’t seem to locate that sucker than you need this! The Chuckit! Max Glow Ball. This bad boy glows in the dark, and the best part is that is requires no batteries. You simply hold it up to a light to charge it up. You can find these at most pet stores for under $10, or check them out here.

And lastly, but certainly not least, custom pet art! If you are into a little diy project try painting or drawing your own pet! Here is one I painted of my dog.

Perfect? No. Fun? Yes!  I have them hanging in my house and people always comment on them! If you’re not feeling your inner Monet, you could have someone else paint your pet for you! Sarah Thornton, whose art is displayed in our lobby, will paint your pets for you! She does beautiful work! Check it out!

That’s what I’ve got for now. If you have things you and your pets love, please send them to me! Oh, and if you still want that “crazy cat lady” shirt, here is a website that is made for people like us. www.crazycatladyclothing.com


Until next time,

Kourtney Rose

Practice Manager and Cat Lady

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