Halloween is near and with it comes tricks and treats. Below is a list of things to be aware of to avoid any unwanted scares this season!

  1. Be sure that your fence doesn’t have any new holes from the summer. Your pets are going to be great at finding the holes that have been hidden by leaves and branches. Once they escape the safety of your backyard there is a possibility of unwanted litters, fights, or broken bones.
  2. Be careful where you place rodent bait. There are two different categories of rodent bait; anti-coagulant and neurotoxins. Anti-coagulant rodent bait can take several days to take effect and while there are anti-dotes if the ingestion is not witnessed it could be fatal by the time the clinical signs are noticed. The neurotoxins will act faster and there is no anti-dote to reverse the toxin.  If you must use these products make sure they are stored and placed in areas that your pets cannot reach.
  3. Wildlife will start preparing for hibernation at this time of year. This means they are more prone to protecting their habitats from predators. Pets that are in the wrong place at the wrong time could find themselves bitten by snakes, skunks or other small animals.
  4. If you are adding anti-freeze to your engines please ensure that you clean up spills right away and store the containers away from pets. Anti-freeze is sweet tasting to animals and will cause the kidneys damage as the ethylene glycol breaks down in the body. This damage can be irreversible. Some anti-freeze is made of propylene glycol which is much less toxic for pets but should still be used with care.
  5. If your pet likes to munch on the flora in the forest or backyards there is a possibility of them eating mushrooms this time of year. Luckily 99% of mushrooms are non-toxic but there are a few mushrooms that are poisonous in Minnesota. If you find mushrooms in your yard be sure to look online for which ones may be toxic. The ASPCA has a great website with information on poisonous plants; http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants.

So as the summer waves goodbye make sure you enjoy the crisp autumn air with your fellow furry friend before the snow starts falling!

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